Care Warriors Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization formed in May of 2020 based in San Antonio, TX. Care Warriors serves individuals from ages 12 to 40 who are at risk or have disabilities. Care Warriors provides respite care, private tutoring, independent living skills and vocational skills programs to individuals in Bexar County. Care Warriors boast a diverse Board of Directors. Each member on the board has not only experience working with individuals in the community, but also individuals who are ready to be served by this program.

A Message From Our Founder

Raeme Evelyn Bosquez-Greer

Learn More About Founder | Executive Director Raeme Evelyn Bosquez-Greer 

Hello friend:

I began my journey serving individuals with mental and physical disabilities in 1986. You see, when I was a senior in high school, I had a friend with cognitive deficits whose popular sister would often ignore or abandoned her at school.  The times I drove my friend home is when I knew that I would choose a career that assists individuals with special needs and challenges.  

My passion to treat everyone with respect and dignity only grew stronger from there.  Throughout the years I volunteered for Special Olympics, supervised group homes with autistic residents, fostered 23 children, and adopted five children who were disabled and considered at risk. I had direct, hands on training and a heart to give, teach and nurture those who others would turned away. 

Decades of experience, education, and the need to do more, have brought me here… Founder and Executive Director of Care Warriors, Inc. My passion and compassion are stronger than ever as I work to empower one of our most vulnerable populations. I am committed to training other instructors to increase our reach to those in need of modified and special education and training.  

Being a CEO for a non-profit is a labor of love, continuous commitment, outside of the box thinking, overcoming challenges, some days full of frowns, and others filled with laughter.  Looking back on each day, I would not change a single minute.

Thank you for visiting our site and for being a part of the Care Warrior journey.

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Care Warriors Board of Directors

Todd Foreman (1)

Todd Foreman – President

Mr. Foreman is working for Professional Contract Services, Inc. as Program Manager of the Community Employment Program in San Antonio where he has assisted over 250 young adults with significant disabilities to find employment in the local Community.   Read more...

Dee Woolridge

Dee Woolridge - Vice President

Lt. Commander Dee Woolridge is a retired Naval officer with over 30 years of service. She served on the communication integration team for Afghanistan and Iraq. Ms. Woolridge has worked on outreach projects such as Habitat for Humanity and The Boys and Girls Club of America and a military consultant on Hollywood films such as Transformers and television series such as The Last Ship. Read more...

Ann Marie Saldana

Ann Marie Saldana - Fundraising Director

A Texas native, Ms. Saldana served her country in the Gulf War. She has over 20 years of Customer Experience and has been a successful Entrepreneur. 

Her son suffers from a traumatic brain injury he suffered at work, so Care Warriors is near and dear to her heart.

I am looking forward to being this wonderful organizations project manager, and raising funds for these extraordinary peoples that need our help. Anything can be accomplished with hard work and perseverance.

Mark Greer

Mark William Greer

Mr. Greer is a 30+ year IT professional. Since 2009, he has been very passionate about working for differently-abled individuals. Being happily married to Raeme Evelyn Bosquez-Greer, his life revolves around serving the special needs community.  

Seth Walton (1)

Seth Walton

A native of Texas, Mr. Walton started in Office Procedures and Data entry at Palo Alto College in San Antonio, focusing on disability support services and progressed to Paralegal Studies at Lamar University. He has earned many awards including .