James Laurer - Treasurer

James Lauer is a creative solutionist with a varied background that allows him to problem solve
every situation. He has worked in a supervisory role in nearly every position ever held from
retail, to food service, insurance to real estate and sales. James is a natural leader and proven
trustworthy time and time again.

James was born in Clearwater, Florida and moved to San Antonio, Texas at the tender age of
12. James displayed strong leadership skills from the time he was in elementary school as the
hall monitor and by the time he was in high school, he was a trusted aid to many of the
teachers. At Lytle High School, where he graduated from, he was also the student body
treasurer from 1995-1997.

As a property manager for 10 years, James was responsible for residential and commercial
rentals. This included handling the personal details of the transactions as well as the business
side of things. He was often in charge of collaborating workers to accomplish whatever was
needed for successful rentals. With this experience, he was tasked with both accounts
receivable and accounts payable and maintaining the active log of expenses.

From 2017-2019 he was also President of the Big Country Homeowners Association where he
renegotiated contracts to save the community over $60,000 per year as well as having a big
part in fixing the budget and shifting from deficit to surplus in the books.

From the personal side of things, James is a loving Husband of 23 years. He enjoys cruise
vacations and games that require strategy and sometimes his two cats. His new found love for
boating has taken him to Houston area closer to the water.